Passenger survey rates Stockholm high

More day passengers choose to go ashore in Stockholm and they are more active than in other cruise destinations in Europe. In Stockholm, 97% of passengers go ashore and spend an average of 5.9 hours on land, compared with the European averages of 87% and 4.8 hours according to a European cruise survey carried out in 2012 on behalf of Stockholm Cruise Network explained Claudia Quas, project manager Stockholm Cruise Network.

Passengers are also extremely satisfied with their visits to Stockholm and wish to return; 97% of visitors felt that their experiences exceeded expectations. Seventy percent of passengers were in Stockholm for the first time, while one in 10 turnaround passengers had been on a cruise previously.

Seven out of 10 plan to return to Stockholm within five years, but for a weekend visit. Compared to other European cruise destinations, Stockholm gets the highest grades when it comes to sights of historical interest and museums, the range of things to see and do, the organised tours, the friendly people and service in stores, according to the report findings.

“Stockholm offers a wide range of cultural attractions, shopping and restaurants within walking distance of the cruise ports, and this is also appreciated by cruise passengers. In May this year Stockholm will be home to a new global attraction – ABBA The Museum. The museum, which will open in the Royal National City Park, boosts what Stockholm has to offer further,” said Quas.

Cruises to Stockholm are equally popular among every age group. Among transit passengers the age distribution is completely uniform, while there is a small bias toward people over 61 among turnaround passengers. Fifteen percent travel with children. The majority of visitors prefer to make their own way around Stockholm, 70%, of whom 23% combine this with organised sightseeing.

The majority of passengers were from Germany, followed by the USA, the UK, Spain and Italy. In 2012, Stockholm hosted around 470,000 passengers, of whom 85,000 were on turnarounds. Day visitors spend SEK600 (E72) and turnaround passengers around SEK2,000 (E239) during the average 2.4 days they spend in Stockholm.

Cruise tourism generated just over SEK0.6bn (E0.07bn) in Stockholm during 2012. While many look for information on the internet, 61% of bookings are made via conventional travel agents and 23% via the internet.

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