La Goulette Cruise Terminal Launched New Web Site

La Goulette Cruise Terminal announces that their new web site was displayed online last week. It now appears rather as a Web portal proposing relevant, useful and updated information on la Goulette call with all its components (general information, port, terminal, village, tourist attractions, transport…).

An interactive guide as well for the professionals of the sector (travel agencies, guides, journalists, shipowners) as for the passengers wishing to visit La Goulette and Tunisia.
The professionals will find the useful information on the technical characteristics of the port, the services of the terminal, the program of the stopovers and the novelties of the call. The traveler can bring comments on the available information, feed them with his own photos and experiences and even share them on the social networks.

He can also draw his routes from the terminal and plan the schedule of his stopover.



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