MSC Cruises. Pedal your way around the Med on unique biking tour

MSC Splendida at the cruise port of La Goulette in Tunis On 19th October 2014, luxury cruise ship MSC Musica left Civitavecchia (Rome), for an eastern Mediterranean cruise with a sporting twist.

During calls in Rome, Italy, Palerme, Italy, La Goulette, Tunisia, Valencia, Spain, cycling enthusiasts can get on their bikes and discover capital cities, cultural treasures and beautiful scenery through pedal power alone.

Groups were arranged according to the length and difficulty of routes, and technical assistance was available during all cycling excursions.
Professionals from the organization of “Giro d’Italia Team Organization” were there to control the race.

The event is organized by the famous Italian sport magazine “La Gazzetta dello Sport” and the on line travel agency Viaggi e Cultura.

In this context, cyclists stopped at the cruise port of La Goulette Tuesday, October 21, 2014. At 7:30, they made the bike start from the port to discover the city. Dressed in pink tights, they traveled the following route: La Goulette, Golf Course, Gammarth, La Marsa, Carthage to join, after two hours, the cruise tourist village Goulette Village Harbor, where a lovely welcome awaiting them in the village’s central square.



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