Celebrate Ernest Shackleton’s Iconic Antarctic Voyage with Aurora Expeditions

The Polar PioneerAs avid Shackleton admirers descend to Westminster Abbey next Friday, 20 May, for a special thanksgiving service for Shackleton and his men, Aurora Expeditions, the polar cruising experts, are reminding fans it’s not too late to join them on a special expedition to pay homage to the beloved explorer.

Ernest Shackleton led all of his crew to safety after they were stranded for over 12 months in the inhospitable white continent.

After departing London on the 1st August 1914 the legendary sea captain battled for 21 months against the Antarctic elements before finally reaching safety on the 20 May 1916 when they landed at the Stromness Whaling Station on South Georgia.

However, it wasn’t until 30 August 2016 that Shackleton was able to rescue his remaining crew from the rugged Elephant Island, a desolate outcrop just off the Antarctic Peninsula,

For those who missed the boat on the centenary celebrations this year, all is not lost! Aurora Expeditions are delighted to be hosting their final In Shackleton’s Footsteps centenary voyage in March 2017 so that intrepid travellers and history buffs are able to experience Antarctica from the perspective of such an iconic man.

Weather permitting, passengers can walk the final leg of the Shackleton voyage; literally following in the footsteps of the adventurer from Fortuna Bay to Stromness, South Georgia. The hardier can sign up to complete the entire crossing of South Georgia, just as Shackleton did back in 1916.

There is even the opportunity to visit the grave of the ‘The Boss’ buried there at the request of his wife. Fellow expeditioner Macklen wrote of the burial site ‘I think this is as The Boss would have had it himself, standing lonely in an island far from civilisation, surrounded by stormy tempestuous seas’.

As travellers will discover, South Georgia is one of the most spectacular, yet remote, wilderness regions of the world. Huge elephant seals gather on beaches creating a wild cacophony of grunting, King Penguin rookeries stretch as far as the eye can see, and huge albatross glide through the sky; a wildlife performance from every angle.

The 18-day Shackleton inspired voyage takes its passengers on a journey of discovery and appreciation; from the exceptional observations of the world at its most natural and secluded state, to delving into harrowing stories of heroic explorers Shackleton and Nordenskjold, each passenger is left with a new-found respect of both Mother Nature and the determination of the human spirit.

In Shackleton’s Footsteps departs 8th March 2017. From £9,870 per person including accommodation and meals on the 54-passenger Polar Pioneer, all zodiac cruises, guided shore excursions and a custom-designed centenary expedition jacket.

(Aurora Expeditions)


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