Aqua Expeditions Gives Back to Local Vietnamese and Cambodian Villages With New “Room to Read” Partnership

Following Aqua Expeditions’ expansion to Asia and the Mekong River in 2014, the company has now partnered with Room to Read, a U.S. organization that helps ensure primary school children in Cambodia and Vietnam can become independent readers, and local girls can complete secondary school with necessary life skills.

The newest Aqua Expeditions route, which runs from Vietnam to Cambodia, has engaged the interest of travelers from around the world, who want to experience these unique cultures in a luxurious setting.

This exciting mission at Aqua Expeditions is already underway, with Room to Read leaders training Aqua Mekong guides to provide guests with an on-board introduction to education programs along the route. The literacy programs give rural Khmer and Vietnamese youth the opportunity to develop the skills and habit of reading, which will allow them to become life-long, independent thinkers and change makers in their communities.

“I am convinced that our shared vision of change through education will make a meaningful impact on the Mekong, just as I am proud to say Aqua Expeditions has accomplished on the Amazon,” said Francesco Galli Zugaro, founder and CEO of Aqua Expeditions. “And books are just the beginning…Room to Read’s learning experts and the Aqua Mekong guides are laying the groundwork for a long-term partnership that can lead to great educational outcomes along our Aqua Mekong route.”

To kick-start this exciting partnership, Room to Read has provided Aqua Expeditions with copies of Khmer and Vietnamese children’s books that have been published by their team. Guests will be invited at no cost to bring one with them to donate to a child in need when the Aqua Mekong guides take them into local communities.

“Room to Read is very excited to be partnering with Aqua Expeditions to bring the lifelong gift of education and literacy to tens of thousands of children across Cambodia and Vietnam,” said John Wood, Room to Read founder. “We are hopeful that Aqua Expeditions customers will enjoy their experience giving books out to kids, but also possibly get involved with Room to Read so we can reach more children.”

To learn more about this partnership, view a message from John Wood.

(Aqua Expeditions)


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