Fredrikstad, Norway, Goes Digital On Shorex While Tall Ships Return In 2019

Fredrikstad Cruise Port has released a digital shorex catalogue with new shore excursions where history comes alive. In 2019 it once again hosts The Tall Ships Races.

The catalogue is divided into six categories: scenic, culture, active, special interest, Oslo and festivals and big events

Telling stories of the region in a lively, inspirational and knowledgeable way is being promoted as an alternative to traditional guided tours.

Passengers can meet a cast of characters who lived, loved and suffered in the fortress town during the 18th century including the maid Martha, the noble madam Sophie von Slipp, convicts and soldiers. On a tavern night passengers can join Karen Oltapper (Ale-tapper) and hear her tell tales of the past when there was a tavern on every street corner. The water was too polluted to drink so the thirst for beer was high!

From July 11 to 14 2019, Fredrikstad hosts the Tall Ships Races for the third time. Beginning in Aalborg, Denmark, it proceeds along the coast of Norway to Bergen, before racing back to Aarhus in Denmark.

(Cruise Europe)


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