MedCruise: Strengthening the Network of European Cruise and Ferry Ports

MedCruise participated at the fourth meeting of the Cruise and Ferry Port Network, organised within ESPO, discussing the next steps of the network uniting cruise ports from all over Europe and the adjoining seas.

Following meetings in Brussels, Copenhagen and Rotterdam, the meetings was held in Venice, Italy, under the Presidency of Stavros Hatzakos, General Manager of the Port of Piraeus and MedCruise Honorary President.​

Participants were updated on the latest developments, following discussions of cruise ports associations with DG MARE as regards the future of the Pan-European Cruise Dialogue.

Other key issues discussed included the feedback received by the members of the port associations participating at the network; the study on the security of cruise port installations, and the way that the Network should react on the relevant study that was commissioned by DG MARE; the enhancing of relationships with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA); the debate that is in progress regarding the revision of the Port Reception Facilities (PRF) EU Directive; and the last the PIANC study on cruise terminals investment, planning and design – already discussed in detailed by MedCruise members.

MedCruise continues actively contributing in the Network of European Cruise and Ferry Ports set within ESPO, providing input and disseminating the Network’s advancement on the mentioned issues in due time.



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