The “Junior Cruiser Program” returns this winter on Star Cruises’ flagship SuperStar Virgo

The signature event of Star Cruises’ flagship SuperStar Virgo is back! After a successful run this summer, the much-loved “Junior Cruiser Program” returns this winter, in which Captain Charlie and Charlene will lead the way to a fun-filled and all-round training camp for the little ones!

Not only can the junior cruisers take part in multiple courses for free, they can also make use of the revolutionizing “Total Freedom” concept and participate in paid events of their choice using their onboard credits. Those who have completed eight courses of the “Academy at Sea” will receive a Graduation Certificate issued by Star Cruises at the graduation ceremony, making it an unforgettable holiday for whole family!

Learn to Be a Junior Cruiser While Having Fun!

The first lesson of “Academy at Sea” begins with Captain Charlie and Charlene’s Welcome Party. Throughout the cruise, each student learns to become a Junior Cruiser by experiencing a series of interactive and engaging learning activities, including a guided ship tour to learn about the daily operations of the crew and show their respect to the captain, and dining etiquette and table setting training for kids to learn their table manners such as which cutlery to use and where to place the napkin, transforming them into little ladies and gentlemen. To improve children’s self-esteem and presentation skills, the MC training invites kids to challenge themselves on stage. Students can utilise their onboard credits to select their preferred courses, and receive a stamp upon completing each course. Those who have collected eight stamps can receive a complimentary “Junior Cruiser” certificate issued by Star Cruises and participate in the graduation ceremony, giving the amazing cruise holiday a perfect and memorable ending.

Special Children’s Themed Menu

Little cruisers on SuperStar Virgo can enjoy Captain Charlie’s exclusive special kids menu, featuring favourites such as burgers, chicken nuggets, pasta and Japanese bento, as well as adorable onigiri (rice balls) and desserts shaped like Captain Charlie. Children can enjoy their delicious dishes using Captain Charlie-themed tableware to make the entire dining experience even more joyful and fun.

About Captain Charlie and Charlene

“Captain Charlie and Charlene” are our adorable penguin mascots aboard Star Cruises. Captain Charlie is honest, intelligent and brave. His mission is to teach children about our professional marine knowledge. Charlene is friendly and lively. Her approachable personality and passion for food symbolise the warm Asian hospitality that is a proud signature of Star Cruises. Captain Charlie partners with Charlene to delight and impress children and adults alike onboard through our variety of parties, onboard activities and junior cruiser events, etc.

Our “Captain Charlie and Charlene” are cute buddies for your children adding fun to their cruise. The collection combines fun and variety. Produced by renowned German toy manufacturer NICI, our signature plush toys are all in high quality assured with European Standard on Safety.

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