Dream Cruises’ World Dream leaves the building dock at Meyer Werft

The second cruise ship for Dream Cruises, the World Dream, will leave MEYER WERFT’s covered building dock on Saturday, 26 August 2017. Extensive tests of the safety systems have been carried out in recent weeks, together with machine and equipment trials as well as interior completion.

The ship will start to leave the dock at around 12 am. After leaving the dock, the ship will berth at the pier in the shipyard port to be fitted with its funnel.
There may be some adjustments to the timing of this manoeuvre on account of the weather.

The final work and trials will then be carried out on the ship during the following days while it is still at the MEYER WERFT’s out-fitting pier. Just a few days later, the first members of the crew will move into their cabins and start to make themselves familiar with the ship and all its many varied items of machinery and equipment.

Before passing through the river Ems towards the North Sea mid September for its sea trials, firstly the ship will act as an impressive backdrop for the NDR 2 Papenburg Festival on 9 September 2017, one day after the Udo Lindenberg concert.

The new-build with a size of 151,300 GRT has an overall length of 335 metres and is 39.7 metres wide. It has been built according to the very latest safety regulations.
A webcam will be broadcasting the manoeuvre as the ship leaves the dock and can be viewed on www.meyerwerft.de .

(Meyer Werft)

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