Cruise Baltic launches new digital offers

Smart phones, tablets and the like have for long been tools of how to find information easy and fast. Now the cruise network Cruise Baltic has made some new digital offers that should support both travel agents and crew members.

Being a travel agent you need to gain a lot of information in order to support your clients about the offers you have for them. And working with printed brochures is both an expensive, not very sustainable and difficult process. Therefore Cruise Baltic has made an overview on their website of all cruise lines going to the Baltic Sea area. Here it is possible to get an overview and quickly getting ideas of routes, prices and also themes of cruise holidays in the Baltic Sea.

When travelling as a crew member for maybe several months in a row you are also interested in the destinations you meet. In order to gain some quick insights both for your own use but also in regard of being able to answer questions from the guests, Cruise Baltic has developed a ‘Cruise Crew Activity Guide’. The guide offers several services and activities on the different destinations in the Baltic Sea area such as free admissions to attractions, discounts on restaurants and the like. Furthermore it is possible for crew to get free WIFI in most ports.

“With the digital offers we hope that cruising in the Baltic Sea has become even more easy and interesting for both the travel agents selling the product and the crew going to the destinations,” Director of Cruise Baltic, Claus Bødker says.

Check out the cruise line overview here:

See the Cruise Crew Activity Guide here:

Cruise Baltic is a network of cruise destinations in the Baltic Sea offering easy access to 10 countries on a string with an ‘ocean of adventures’. The network – founded in 2004 with 12 destinations – has now grown in 2017 to 29 destinations.

(Cruise Baltic)


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