How To Have The Best Cruise Ship Party Of Your Life

Cruises are a great way to experience more of the world without doing much on your part, but sometimes they’re best for just letting your hair down and going wild! Remember the days where house parties seemed like the best thing ever? – cruise parties seriously beat them any day!

However, there are some well-kept secrets about having the best cruise party, but we think it’s about time we unleased the myths and let you prepare! If, after you’ve been on one of our epic Toronto cruises, and you’re moving onto one in Croatia or the Greece, investing in an EHIC is always a wise idea, as you never know what injuries you’ll enquire when under the influence (we’ve all been there).

Be Alcohol Savvy

Cruise parties are the best once everyone has had something to drink, but with some of the prices charged on luxury cruise ships, most people are as sober as ever. You can prevent this though. What you may not have previously known is that the majority of cruise ships will allow you to bring a limited amount of alcohol onto the ship, so depending on how well you can manage your alcohol, a bottle of wine could have you covered for the entire party! Putting this aside, you may also want to invest in an ‘all you can drink’ package – yes, these actually exist!

However, when considering this, there is one tiny detail that you should be aware of – the cost of some packages usually mean that you’d need to order between 7-10 drinks before you actually save any money. For you heavy drinkers though, this won’t be an issue – go wild!

Don’t Miss Out On The Shows

You’ve paid who knows how much money for this cruise ship party, so spend your time well! Most of the time, shows offered one cruise ships are seriously entertaining and epic to attend when with a large group of friends. If you’ve bagged yourself a seriously luxurious cruise ship, chances are there might be some big names performing at the party, rounding off the most legendary party of your life to date! Naturally, compared to a giant arena, the space for these events is usually more intimate, so you can enjoy these entertaining acts with ample viewing space as well as having your besties by your side.

Complete Your EHIC Beforehand

With heavy amounts of alcohol and general partying involved, there are heightened risks of obtaining an injury throughout your experience. I know, it’s much more serious compared to previous points, but you’ll thank me later when you end up falling over in your 4-inch heels and twisting your ankle! Even at standard parties, you can find yourself having an oopsie several hours into the evening, so you should take even more precaution when on your cruise ship party!

So, when you’re intoxicated and surrounded by people having a good time, an unexpected accident can happen at any time. If your cruise resides within a country belonging to the European Economic area, you will be entitled to an EHIC card, allowing you to cover any medical emergencies experienced abroad on your party – the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to afford your medical care when your head is spinning and your stomach’s churning.

If you’re travelling with a group of friends, a single EHIC will not cover their medical accidents, so it’s imperative that you all invest in one before your cruise ship party begins. Some of you may be smugly sat there thinking ‘I already have an EHIC’, but how long has it been activated for? It’s vital to remember that an EHIC lasts for 5 years, and after that period of time it will need renewing.

Many people will disregard the need for travel insurance when going on their cruise ship party with an EHIC, but we always suggest in investing in the insurance just in case. Whilst an EHIC can cover various accidental injuries, it won’t cover everything, such as private medical bills for example. Therefore, for extra peace of mind when on your cruise ship party, ensure you have both your EHIC and travel insurance under your belt.

Spend Some Time In The Casino

When on your cruise ship party, never expect the casino to be a top-notch one – sounds strange but let me explain. People residing at the poker table at cruise ship parties usually have very little casino experience, meaning that those of you who are a bit useful at games such as poker can wipe the floor with them! After all, the cruise ship party would have cost a lot of money, so this is your chance to win it all back!

Once you learn the dos and don’ts of a cruise ship party, you’ll be all set for the best experience of your life! Ultimately, especially for those of you who are of a younger age, you’ll want to save as money as possible without compromising a good time. So, by packing your own alcohol and securely placing your EHIC in your purse (don’t lose it!), you can save yourself tonnes of money whilst still getting your most fancy outfit on and enjoying the party – break a leg (after all, you’ll be covered by your EHIC!)!

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