Baltic Sea region sets record with more than five million cruise guests

Statsgården pier in central Stockholm (Courtesy Ports of Stockholm)More people than ever before are cruising in the Baltic Sea. That is what the newly published 2018 edition of the Cruise Baltic Market Review is showing, along with other positive developments from the past year.

Extensive data from 32 Baltic Sea ports lay the foundation for this year’s newly released Cruise Baltic Market Review. The report presents the developments from 2017 as well as the expected numbers for 2018, and shows growth in both calls, turnarounds and guest numbers reaching a total of 5,054,849 guests. The reason for the positive growth in the Baltic cruise business is to be found in the cruise guest satisfaction level, which is among the world’s highest.

“Cruise Baltic is very pleased to report that a record-breaking number of cruise guests are visiting the Baltic Region. Furthermore, we had a growth in both calls and turnarounds. The positive developments are caused by our high guest satisfaction level which comes from the fantastic service provided in all member ports. Our guests love the well-functioning infrastructure and the high intensity of ports that makes it possible for them to visit several capitals in a one-week cruise, where they can experience local authentic cultures but where the locals all speak English,” director of Cruise Baltic, Claus Bødker, says.

The record-breaking number of Baltic cruise guests in 2017 is equivalent to a 16,6 percent increase compared to 2016. In average, visitor numbers have been growing with 9,7 percent since 2000 going from a total of 1,1 million visitors back then to the approximately 5 million guests last year. Besides guest numbers, Cruise Baltic also experienced growth within calls and turnarounds, where the total amount of calls was increased by 15,4 percent and the number of turnarounds was 3,9 percent higher than the year before.

“Cruise Baltic had a great 2017, when looking at the growth we experienced on all parameters, and the positive development does not end there as we estimate that we in 2018, will be breaking visitor records yet again,” director of Cruise Baltic, Claus Bødker, explains.

Next year Cruise Baltic expects guest numbers to grow with another 8,4 percent meaning an increase of 1,2 million guests since 2016.

(Cruise Baltic)


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