Antarctica 21 announces new 2019-2020 voyages on board the new Magellan Explorer

The Magellan ExplorerAntarctica 21 offers boutique cruise packages with an included two-hour flight from Punta Arenas, directly to Antarctica where you board your ship. Thereby avoiding the stormy seas in the Drake Passage – and leaving guests more time to experience the best of the ice all within a luxurious yacht-like environment.

Magellan Explorer is the newest addition to join the Antarctica 21 fleet during the 2019-20 season. It is the world’s first expedition ship custom designed from the ground up for Antarctic air-cruise operations. The ship provides a stylish base for guests’ adventures, combining excellence in expedition and boutique hospitality.

Magellan Explorer will carry the Company’s new branding, which will be rolled out starting in May 2018. As well as new branding the explorer will boast 10 new zodiacs, a carefully designed large expedition warehouse, meeting room, library, gift shop, outdoor barbeque area, gym, sauna and will also host facilities for adventure activities such as kayaking and snowshoeing are available.

Introducing two new itineraries: the “Magellan Explorer Inaugural Air-Cruise”, you can be a part of the celebration of the new ship while visiting islands of Tierra del Fuego, fjords in Patagonia, Cape Horn, and the Antarctic Peninsula. Passengers will get to cruise into a rainbow of varying landscapes over 11 days.

During the 16-day “Antarctica and South Georgia Air-Cruise” guests travel in the footstep of explorer Ernest Shackleton to the extremes of the Southern Hemisphere. Step aboard Magellan Explorer and enjoy views of spectacular mountains and towering icebergs, and visit extraordinary snowy landscapes and remote penguin rookeries.


• The “Hiking and Snowshoeing in Antarctica” program will only be offered on board the ship, on a per-excursion basis.
• The cancellation conditions have been updated. Clients who need to cancel 119 days prior to departure or later will now receive a refund that decreases progressively as the departure approaches. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Sales.
• The convention used for tripcodes have been changed.

(Wild Earth Travel, Antarctica 21)


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