Luis de Carvalho, CEO of B&A Europe, to host Workshop Session at Seatrade Cruise Med in Lisbon

The cruise industry is undeniably flourishing and it is predicted that over 27 million passengers will take to the seas throughout 2018. While this growth will provide an abundance of new opportunities and profits, it could also create issues with overcrowding and sustainability.

Additionally, cruise ships are increasing in size and numbers, but European ports and destinations are having trouble keeping up with the growth and sustaining traffic.

Rest assured, there are solutions.

Seatrade Cruise Med, an exhibition in Lisbon this September, offers the perfect opportunity to start seeking these solutions. Leading port and destination planner Luis de Carvalho, CEO of B&A Europe, will be revealing some of these solutions in his Workshop Session titled “Making Cruising Welcome: How to Find the Balance between the Economic Impact from Cruise Tourism and Sustainability in Port Cities and Destinations.”

Mr. de Carvalho proposes the following solutions for port cities and destinations:

● B&A has created a destination evolution ladder, which identifies how destinations evolve from being a startup point into being a marquee destination.

● The most crucial way to facilitate change is to make sure that each port understands the cruise industry and identifies why they want to be a destination and how they can become one.

B&A often sees ports starting with the how and ignoring the why. But at the end of the day, cruise lines share the same goals as the destinations: happy, paying vacationers that return year after year.

(Bermello Ajamil & Partners)


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