Aurora Expeditions Launch expeditions to all-new destinations including Latin America, Caribbean Coast, Iceland, Greenland and East Coast Canada

Aurora Expeditions' Greg MortimerAurora Expeditions, Australia’s leading expedition cruising company, continues to reinvent itself having today launched expeditions to all-new destinations including Latin America, Caribbean Coast, Iceland, Greenland and East Coast Canada.

Aurora Expeditions managing director Robert Halfpenny said the launch of the new itineraries is big news and follows strong demand for Aurora to offer their signature small ship expeditions outside of the polar regions.

“Aurora has been synonymous with Antarctica and the Arctic regions but with a new ship featuring innovative technology and comfort, we are now able to offer small ship voyaging to a range of new destinations. It’s fantastic news for people who have already ticked Antarctica off the bucket list and for those who are seeking unique cultural experiences in the regions between the poles,” Mr Halfpenny said.

The global program marks a new chapter in Aurora Expedition’s proud history as it prepares to launch the Greg Mortimer in October 2019. The new state-of-the-art vessel has been purpose built for adventure and will allow the expeditioners on board to explore new destinations and disembark the ship for small group excursions and cultural activities unique to each destination.

The brand-new expeditions will feature a unique opportunity to visit remote locations and hidden away islands including the remote Robinson Crusoe islands in Chile, the Corn Islands in Nicaragua, Bay Islands in Honduras and Cuba’s Guanahacabibes Peninsula.

Latin America:

● Wild Chile, a 16-day itinerary combines the diverse scenery of the Andean landscape, the fjords and glaciers of Patagonia, the spires of Torres del Paines and the clear skies of Atacama as it journeys from The Beagle Channel, to Valparaiso, unusually stopping at the remote Robinson Crusoe Island and the colourful coastal town of Chiloe.

● Treasures of a Coastal Desert, a 14-day voyage follows the Chilean coast from Valparaiso to Guayaquil in Ecuador taking in the beauty of the rugged beauty of the desert coastal landscapes of the Atacama eco-region, the cities of Valparaiso, Lima and Arequipa and the ancient pre-hispanic city of Chan Chan in Northern Peru and uniquely a scenic flight over the Nazca Lines.

● Pacific to Caribbean Discovery, an 11-day voyage starting in Guayaquil and ending in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, including a unique daylight Panama Canal crossing. Highlights include hiking through virgin rainforest and swimming in splendid isolation where the jungle meets the ocean. Visits to the indigenous Embera Mogue community in Panama’s Darien Jungle combine with the red and blue footed boobies on Isla de la Plata and the colonial splendor of Cartagena’s UNESCO old town.

● Caribbean Odyssey, a 16-day voyage combining the blended history and culture of the region with diving, snorkeling and kayaking in out of the way places including the remote Corn Islands in Nicaragua, Bay Islands in Honduras and Cuba’s Guanahacabibes Peninsula. Sloths in Costa Rica, sea turtles in Mexico and the music filled streets of Havana complete this colourful journey through the Caribbean.

The Arctic:

● Intuit Artic and Beyond, a 21-day voyage starts in Reykjavik, Iceland before crossing over to Greenland’s Prince Christian Sound and then voyaging down the eastern Canadian coast of Newfoundland and Labrador past the Torngat Mountains and ending in St John’s.

Start with the history of the ancient Vikings and spend time with the Inuit whose culture has remained relatively unchanged for tens of thousands of years. Take time to seek out polar bears and caribou, whales and nesting bird colonies. Hike through remote Inuit lands or kayak amongst spectacular fjords and glaciers. And because of the time of year, it is likely that a dark night sky could offer a display of the Aurora Borealis.

Aurora Expeditions, and Greg Mortimer are now able to offer a unique Pole to Pole experiences, as they continue to pioneer exceptional voyages to some of the world’s most remote and inaccessible locations.

(Aurora Expeditions)


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