National Geographic and Ponant announce their partnership to offer a series of Ocean Cruise Expeditions

National Geographic Ponant Expeditions

Launching on the 8th of August, 18 ocean expeditions will be added to National Geographic Travel, with 130 itineraries planned over the next four years. These remarkable voyages explore a variety of exotic destinations and offer the unique experience of traveling with National Geographic guides and experts.

Enriched by the presence of onboard experts and renowned photographers from National Geographic, guests will be invited to see the world from National Geographic’s perspective and make a difference. Part of the profits will be donated to the National Geographic Society, which supports researchers and experts engaged in protecting and preserving the planet and its various species and populations.

The National Geographic Society has funded groundbreaking scientists and explorers, sharing their findings with the world. National Geographic’s deep belief is that when people understand the world, they care more deeply and take responsibility for it.

Aimed at exploring the nature, people, and culture from unique perspectives, each ocean expedition is small in capacity and equipped with the most advanced technologies in terms of navigation and respect for the environment.

PONANT’s ships are Clean Ship accredited with waste sorting and recycling, wastewater treatment, energy recuperation systems, low-energy lighting, and responsible approach to re-fueling in regions with limited resources.

In a joint statement Jean Emmanuel Sauvée, CEO and Co-Founder of PONANT, with Gary E. Knell, CEO of National Geographic Partners, feel these expeditions will appeal to the lovers of travel, exploration, and discovery.

“Here we have two highly-respected global companies working together to inspire our guests to live curiously,” says Knell.
“With itineraries stretching to the far corners of the world, every breathtaking landscape and once-in-a-lifetime adventure is within reach.”

(Ponant, National Geographic)

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