One Ocean Expeditions Unveils an Action Packed 2019/20 Antarctic Cruise Season

The 146-berth RCGS Resolute at Paradise Bay (Artist impression)With the launch of its 2019/20 season, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) continues to bring innovation and diversity to its Antarctic expedition cruise programming. Sustainability, conservation and responsible tourism remain at the forefront of OOE’s philosophy and programming.

Year after year, the company introduces new elements to further increase guests’ engagement with easier access to the world’s most remote regions to ensure exceptional cruising experiences.

1) It’s with great excitement that OOE unveils new direct flights from Santiago to the Falkland Islands this coming November, exclusive to guests travelling on board OOE’s latest acquisition, RCGS Resolute. The new international flight route brings a faster, easier and more efficient transfer to Antarctica than before. The shorter flying time to the South Atlantic Ocean increases time spent in the destination and more opportunities to further explore the ‘white continent’.

2) One of the key features of this new air access is that it eases the transportation logistics into Mount Pleasant airport in Stanley, Falkland Islands, as well as allowing more time to join local excursions pre and post the Antarctic voyage. Guests will have the chance to dive into history with the option of visiting the local museum or splurge in wildlife viewing while visiting Gypsy Cove, with its plethora of sea birds, including Magellanic penguins; a favourite of many.

3) Another advantage of the new flights is the additional time added to approach the infamous Elephant Island, where polar explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton’s stranded crew took shelter for four and a half months.

Starting in November 2019, OOE will operate the following new Antarctic itineraries on its three-vessel fleet.


Christmas in Antarctica and the Weddell Sea – 16-28 December 2019 (Akademik Sergey Vavilov): This new 12-night voyage is the ideal place to ring in Christmas. It has been in the making for some time, with the intricacies of the itinerary adding more time to visit the classic locations along the western side of the Peninsula. An authentic expedition cruise into the wild and unknown environment, while entering the icy realms of the Weddell Sea. This is the ultimate experience to witness massive ice shelves, ice floes and towering icebergs. A reminder of the white continent’s raw and overwhelming beauty.

Antarctica in-Depth (Circle Crossing Voyage) – 28 December 2019 – 7 January 7 2020 (Ioffe) / 11 -21 February 2020 (Vavilov): The new 10-night post-Christmas Circle Crossing itinerary embarks in Ushuaia and uses the flight from King George Island to Punta Arenas on the return. This will give us 7 days of excursions, including a memorable crossing of the Circle (ice-permitting). Using the experience of OOE’s Expedition Leader, it explores the area based on the seasonal conditions, providing flexibility to possibily discover Crystal Sound, Penola Strait, Gerlache Strait and Antarctic Sound. Guests can experience the same new itinerary onboard in February in the opposite direction; starting with a flight from Punta Arenas to King George Island and finishing in Ushuaia, with the same great stops along the way.

Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica Mega Colonies – 31 December 2019 – 17 January 2020 (RCGS Resolute): This new 17-night Mega Colonies cruise takes advantage of the direct South American flight from Santiago to Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands. On this voyage, OOE aims to prioritise the region’s largest penguin colonies, including St Andrew’s Bay and Salisbury Plain on South Georgia; Paulet Island and Bailey Head and also the Danger Islands, to experience the newly discovered mega-colony of Adelie penguins. Every photographer’s dream! This particular voyage hosts penguin researchers who will discuss marine conservation, protected areas and the impact on penguin population health, whilst our albatross experts will share their expertise on conservation and protection measures put in place to minimise seabird mortality. The lessons learnt here can be applied to other wildlife protection in the Antarctic.

Early Booking Offer
To encourage early bookers, OOE introduces incentives for bookings confirmed with a deposit before 15 November 2018
– An air credit of US$1,200pp (deducted from the berth at time of booking), for all departures on Akademik Ioffe and Akademik Sergey Vavilov in October & November 2019 and March 2020. For all other departures on these two vessels, the air credit is US$800pp.
– An air credit of US$1,200pp (deducted from the berth at time of booking) and pre-voyage hotel stay at One Ocean Expeditions’ preferred hotel, for all departures on RCGS Resolute in October & November 2019 and March 2020. For all other departures, the air credit is US$800pp as well as the pre-voyage hotel stay at One Ocean Expeditions’ preferred hotel.

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