Cruise Baltic launches new website

Riga in Latvia is one of Cruise Baltic´s destinations, and with the improved website the cruise lines will get better details of the ports and destinations in the region.Cruise Baltic just launched a new website designed to give cruise lines in the Baltic Sea Region much better details of the ports and destinations in the region. The new website was revealed during the Cruise Baltic Summit taking place in wonderful Klaipeda, Lithuania.

The first to see the new website was almost all Cruise Baltic ports and destinations together with 10 cruise line executives. Director of Cruise Baltic, Claus Bødker, explains:

”Cruise Baltic has always strived to provide cruise lines in the Baltic Sea Region with all the necessary information, and we are now strengthening accessibility and intuitiveness with our new website. The website will function as a one-stop destination, and we feel confident that it serves as a valuable resource for cruise lines and travel agents, while hopefully also strengthening communication across the sector.”

The improved website contains all the information that is relevant for organizing an itinerary, along with a new design and feature set. Among the updates on the new website, Bødker mentions the following:

● Berthing Policies and port tariffs for Cruise Baltic partner ports

● Updated and detailed information on more than 80 cruise piers in the Baltic Sea

● Full overview of the Baltic port reception facilities

● Enter the draft and length of a cruise ship, and see which Baltic piers can accommodate the vessels

● Event calendar stretching 3 years into the future, so cruise lines can match future events and cruise calls

● Many copyright-free destinations photos ready to download

● Guest experience overview – detailed descriptions of cruise guest experiences in each port

“We want to be sustainable, which is the reason why we no longer produce brochures. Therefore, it is even more important to have a clear, relevant and informative website. We see for example many older pictures from the destinations, but with the new website, the cruise lines are encouraged to download and apply copyright free photos from the website in their sales material,” Claus Bødker says.

(Cruise Baltic)


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