Cruise Europe relaunches a more user-friendly Website

Cruise Europe has been working behind the scenes to upgrade its website. Now up and running it has already received positive feedback.

Managing director Jens Skrede explained the decision to relaunch: “An overhaul of our website was long overdue, to be honest. We needed a smarter and more modern design, which we have got. And most of all, the website is now much easier to navigate on mobile phones.”

Relaunched in a modern design, the site has been rebuilt to be easily viewed on all devices.

Justin Poulsen, director of strategic pricing & itinerary planning, Silverseas Cruises, commented: “I quite like the new website and the modern design language. From a functionality standpoint, its easy to navigate and locate the information I need when researching specific port information.

“I think CE needs to continue to motivate and incentivise ports to upload and maintain data, as the whole concept hinges on being a one-stop shop. If I can’t compare values of a few similar ports because some information is missing, I have to go somewhere else.”

The start page features short profiles of the four regions, the latest news from Cruise Europe and from the member ports, port of the day, statements from chairman Michael McCarthy and managing director Jens Skrede and links to associate members.

In terms of the individual ports, all the content is now on one page. Each member can now place attractions on the relevant port map and can also add social media, such as facebook, twitter, youtube and linkedin, contacts to the page.

For associate members, all contents are now on one page and social media contacts as above can also be added. More pictures can be uploaded.

The news is featured on the overview page and each story is tagged to the relevant port and cruiseship brands.

The port handbook and statistics have been redesigned to a more contemporary look with usability improved.

The database has been transformed to a new content management system, made secure with HTTPS and conforming to general data protection regulation (GDPR).

The members area has been given a clearer structure whereby it is easy to add new or edit existing content.

As it is early days we would welcome any feedback from users which could further improve the content and user-friendliness of the site.

(Cruise Europe)

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