Penélope Cruz Becomes A Mermaid For The New Costa Cruises Advertising Campaign

Costa Cruises (Logo)Costa Cruises presents the new international advertising campaign featuring a new and exceptional testimonial: Penélope Cruz.

The great Spanish actress will star in the Italian company’s film as a beautiful mermaid who, bewitched by the sound of a Costa ship, decides to go aboard through a “magic passage” and experience the excitement and “happiness squared” that are part and parcel of a cruise holiday.

As Luca Casaura, Costa Cruises SVP Global & Strategic Marketing explains: “Penélope Cruz is the ideal representative for Costa Cruises because she embodies perfectly the spirit and beauty of a Mediterranean holiday on board our ships. She is cheerful and genuine, and is also known for her great professionalism. In fact, the aim of this advertising campaign is to communicate that a cruise is a “magical” holiday, the only one that allows people to discover the world from the unique perspective of the sea, so much so that even a mermaid is enchanted enough to go aboard. And finally the music, the original version of Sapore di Sale by Gino Paoli, the perfect soundtrack that instantly recalls memorable holidays in true Italian style”.

The film, which will be made available in 60″, 30″, 20″ and 15″ formats, is directed by Jaume de Laiguana. The planning will be important, using TV in particular (in Italy, France and Spain) as well as the web, digital advertising and direct marketing (in all the main countries where Costa operates). In Italy, the full version of the film will be aired for the first time on December 2 at 9.00 p.m., on all the Mediaset networks, preceded by a teaser which is already being shown.

The music will be another very distinctive and fundamental element for the success of the film: the original 1963 version of “Sapore di sale” by Gino Paoli, is one of the best-loved Italian songs of all time. It will accompany the images, further highlighting the theme of holidays by the sea, the Italian essence of the company and its Genoese origins, as Gino Paoli is one of the most well-known representatives of the “Genoese school” which revolutionized Italian popular music from the 1960s onwards.

In the addition to the music, Genoa, where Costa has been based for the past 70 years, will be featured in the advertising campaign also with the “Genova nel Cuore” logo (“Genoa in our heart” logo), which will appear at the end of the film in Italy, France and Spain. “This is another way of supporting our city through these difficult months. It is part of a series of initiatives that Costa is taking to support Genoa, which will soon result in further great new developments in the coming months.” – adds Casaura.

The new campaign starring Penélope Cruz, produced with the creative agency Young & Rubicam Spain, will also be supported by a social media campaign and promoted through point of sale material in Costa’s main partner travel agencies.

(Costa Cruises)


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