Plateau International announces partnership with Paukan Cruises by Ayravata Cruise Company

The Paukan 2015 (Paukan Cruises by Ayravata Cruise Company)Plateau International is pleased to announce its partnership with Paukan Cruises by Ayravata Cruise Company. They offer amazing cruise experiences in Myanmar on the Irrawaddy and Cindwin rivers.

The company is named after Airavata, the Burmese name for the Irrawaddy. Airavata is the white elephant who carries Indra, the god of the heavens, rains and river flows. Airavata is believed to be the producer of the huge clouds that bring the monsoon rains. Elephants often symbolise water in Hindu mythology.

Some of the ships of their fleet are named Paukan, the ancient name of Bagan, the old city of two thousand temples on the bank of the Irrawaddy River. This ancient capital is a treasure to the people of Myanmar.

The itineraries include the two major rivers of Myanmar: the Irrawaddy and the Chindwin. These rivers symbolise the richness of this ancient land. Stunning spectacles await left and right – masterpieces of a by-gone age of spirituality and elegance. Experience the grandeur and beauty that unfolds as you cruise peacefully along these mighty rivers.

Be treated to the utmost luxury. Every morning a lavish breakfast buffet is served.
The other meals are prepared with loving care for freshness and incredible tastes by experienced chefs. Often kitchen staff will take passengers for a stroll through local bazaars selling fresh and luscious fruits and vegetables. There are other events, such as a lesson on how to cook local dishes, how to securely tie the longyi waist garment or how to grind the traditional Thanakha bark paste.

Discover some of the best itineraries Paukan Cruises offers

Myanmar Heritage
Admire the city of Pyay, where the roots of the Bamar civilization can be found. Marvel at the royal capitals of Mandalay, Amarapura and Ava. Be astounded by the glorious city of Bagan with its 3,000 temples and pagodas, where the First Myanmar Empire was founded.

New Royal Myanmar
Experience the grandeur of ancient Burma with the carefully crafted cruise along the Irrawaddy, revealing the best of Myanmar from Bagan to Sagaing.

Grand Voyage of the Chindwin River
Chindwin is a river less travelled, however as well as its religious monuments, it offers spectacular scenery as it meanders through beautiful valleys and jungles. The cruise begins from Bagan and will set sail up the Chindwin to Monywa from where the guests are driven to Mandalay.

Treasure of Golden Myanmar
Appreciate the beauty of this mystic land. With fields of temples and their glistening gold, no wonder the land is known as Golden Myanmar. This cruise leaves from the colonial town of Prome to the ancient capital of Mandalay. Along the way, marvel at the glory of Bagan. This will be ten days to remember.

(Plateau International Ltd., Ayravata Cruise Company)

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