Christmas And New Year Cruises Nearly Sold Out For Costa: The Mediterranean is the favorite destination for Italians, Spaniards and Germans to celebrate, while the French prefer the Caribbean

Costa Cruises (Logo)Cruises are among the favorite vacations for Christmas and New Year. Costa Cruises has almost sold out on its 27 cruises, with over 80,000 berths available on 14 ships, allowing guests to celebrate in the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South America, Emirates, Indian Ocean, India, the Maldives and the Far East.

The most popular itineraries for the holiday season are the seven-day cruises, although Europeans have different preferences in terms of destinations.

Among Italians, Spaniards and Germans, as well as the Swiss, the favorite destination remains the Mediterranean, thanks to the proximity of ports that enable them to board cruises conveniently and discover cities such as Rome, Barcelona, Athens, Naples and Marseilles.

The French and Austrians prefer to escape the winter chill for a totally relaxing vacation in the warm Caribbean sun, travelling on cruises like the one departing from Guadeloupe, which visits a different island every day.

Italians and Spaniards also opt for cruises to Dubai and the Far East, while the French favor trips to Mauritius, Madagascar and the Seychelles.

An interesting fact is that, among Italians, bookings for Christmas cruises exceed the number of New Year bookings, thanks to the activities planned on board, which allow guests to fully enjoy the Christmas atmosphere even on vacation.

The new year will start in a truly special way for the 2,300 guests of Costa Luminosa, who will be departing from Venice on January 5, 2019 for the journey of their dreams: an Around the World cruise. An exciting, 112-day cruise that will introduce guests to the wonders of 5 continents, sailing across 3 oceans and visiting 43 destinations, returning to Venice, Italy, on April 27, 2019.

This will be the twelfth of these magnificent cruises organized by Costa Cruises every year since 2011, inspired by the great success of this trip in the 1970s. Since 2011, around 60,000 Costa guests have taken part in at least one of the three “Around the World” legs, including around 14,000 French, 12,000 Germans and over 11,000 Italians.

The Costa Luminosa 2019 Around the World cruise will visit destinations in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Easter Island, Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Dubai, Oman and Jordan, always travelling westwards. Tickets are already on sale for the 2020 and 2021 Around the World cruises, with an unprecedented itinerary dedicated to Africa and America, taking in destinations such as India, the Maldives, South Africa, Tierra del Fuego, Chile, Peru and New York.

(Costa Cruises)

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