Genting Cruise Lines Launches First Voluntourism Campaign in Asia on Dream Cruises

Genting Cruise Lines (Logo)Genting Cruise Lines has launched its first regional Cruise Voluntourism campaign in Asia through Dream Cruises as part of the group’s year-long 25thAnniversary celebration.

Initially debuting on Genting Dream, the campaign will further roll out across the Dream Cruises and Star Cruises fleet region-wide to provide guests the opportunity to further enrich their vacation with meaningful and memorable complimentary shore experiences during their cruise.

Since its inception in 1993, Genting Hong Kong has been committed to giving back to the communities in and people of Asia as the company has grown hand in hand with the region. This new initiative spearheaded by Genting Cruise Lines will extend the spirit of giving by empowering passengers to participate in a series of voluntary activities across various Asian communities in different destinations.

Available on selected departure dates and itineraries, these Cruise Voluntourism activities will be an ideal way for families and friends to enjoy a cruise together and also help make a difference to the communities in need throughout the region.

“On behalf of Genting Cruise Lines, we are truly excited to introduce our first regional Cruise Voluntourism campaign in Asia across our Dream Cruises and Star Cruises ships. We hope our guests will not miss this valuable chance to be part of something truly meaningful, which is also a wonderful way to intimately know and understand each destination and its community,” said Mr. Kent Zhu, President of Genting Cruise Lines. “We also encourage our crew and staff members to be part of this Cruise Voluntourism campaign by donating their time to engage in various voluntary work at the different destinations.”

To commemorate the launch, Genting Cruise Lines held its inaugural Cruise Voluntourism starting with Dream Cruises on board Genting Dream during a 3Night round-trip cruise (24-27 February 2019) departing from Singapore to Penang (Malaysia) and Phuket (Thailand).

“Dream Cruises is pleased to initiate Genting Cruise Lines’ Cruise Voluntourism campaign in Southeast Asia with Genting Dream,” mentioned Mr. Thatcher Brown, President of Dream Cruises. “The Southeast Asian region is where it all began 25 years ago for our company as a group and it is only fitting that we launch our Cruise Voluntourism campaign here in the region as part of our ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment to the communities we serve”, he added.

During the inaugural Cruise Voluntourism with Genting Dream, participants including the media, invited guests and crew members, were invited to The Eden Handicap Service Center in Penang – a charitable non-profit organization providing practical training and support for the disabled to support themselves. Upon arrival, participants interacted and got to know the residents of the center and also engaged in numerous projects together including light maintenance around the facility and other fun activities. Additionally, various rations and provisions were also donated to The Eden Handicap Service Center on behalf of Genting Cruise Lines.

Cruising guests, Mr. Ninad Avinash Patade together with his wife participated in the Cruise Voluntourism activities in Penang and said, “We are on our honeymoon and we thought it will be a good experience to do some voluntary work and at the same time visit Penang. We are from India and voluntary work is something that we are familiar with back home”.

On the following day as Genting Dream arrived at its next destination in Phuket, participants had an early start in the morning to travel to the Baan Kalim School – a school that was rebuilt when it was largely destroyed by the December 2004 Tsunami. Participants had the chance to meet the students of the school and helped to repaint the library and the meeting room of the school. As part of the inaugural Voluntourism cruise, Genting Cruise Lines also donated children’s books for the school’s library.

Mr. Muhammad Hameem (21 years of age) and his parents from Singapore took part in the school wall-painting voluntary work in Phuket during their cruise vacation with Genting Dream. “My parents and I are glad to take part in the Cruise Voluntourism activities here in Phuket. Voluntary work is something my parents and I enjoy. We thought it would be a memorable way to spend our vacation together and at the same time to do some good as well.”

Madam Jeanette Madina-Lim cruising with her husband, Mr. Amos Madina (70 and 71 years of age respectively) were looking for something unique to do on a cruise and were excited to know of the voluntary activity option, which were available for this sailing. “For us, we felt it’s a very positive step in helping those in need and it is something different while cruising to various destinations. We truly enjoyed ourselves interacting with the children and seeing their happy faces.”

Guests looking forward to taking a cruise vacation with Dream Cruises and Star Cruises can explore the new Cruise Voluntourism options which will be available on selected departure dates and will offer at least one Cruise Voluntourism opportunity at designated destinations on a complimentary basis. The Cruise Voluntourism itineraries will offer a wide variety of activities for guests to volunteer and donate their time including environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and supporting various institutions such as local schools, orphanages, seniors’ homes, handicapped centers, as well poverty relief efforts and more.

Don’t miss this chance to do some good and make a difference, all while on a relaxing cruise holiday with Dream Cruises and Star Cruises.

(Genting Cruise Lines)


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