AIDAcara: Even more comfort on board after Beauty Treatment for its 20th anniversary

AIDAcara at Bergen, Norway on August 28, 2011 (Photo courtesy Kjell Christian Andersen)Following her planned sojourn at the Navantia Shiprepairs in Cadiz from February 5–23, 2019, AIDAcara returned to Germany with some new onboard features.

Apart from the scheduled class and servicing work, various upgrades were carried out. The suites and junior suites, and the gangways and corridors are all fresh and sparkling. The Markt and Calypso restaurants have been modernized and fitted with new furniture. The Selection restaurant meanwhile, has been given a design makeover, although guests can still enjoy regional and country-typical specialties there.

One of the highlights aboard AIDAcara is the newly designed Body & Soul Spa. All the way from the new entrance area to the quiet rooms, the wellness area is an oasis of coziness and comfort. This is the perfect place to spend a relaxed vacation day and simply unwind. For its part the pool area, now with a new look, invites guests to spend a day at the pool even in northern latitudes.

As one of the three ships that are used for the AIDA Selection explorer program, exciting trips to Northern Europe are on AIDAcara’s program for the summer 2019 season. AIDA Selection is ideal for cosmopolitan explorers who wish to experience different countries and their people in an ultra-intensive and unique way.

Extraordinary routes, long shore stays, an intimate atmosphere and country-typical culture are what define AIDA Selection cruises.

From December 2019, AIDA Cruises will be adding another Selection ship: With AIDAmira guests will have the chance to experience Southern Africa’s natural wonders for the first time.

On the evening of February 24, 2019, AIDAcara set sail from Palma de Mallorca and started her voyage to the north. On her way to Hamburg she will be making stops at various ports including Lisbon, Dover and Rotterdam, arriving in the port of Hamburg in the morning of March 9, 2019.

From Hamburg, AIDAcara will be setting out on the popular “Winter in the High North” route, after which she will be traveling from Kiel to the most beautiful Scandinavian cities on the Baltic. The highlights of the season will be the “Grand Baltic Cruise” from Kiel, and the “Iceland & Greenland 2” cruise from Bremerhaven.

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