Crystal Cruises Announces New 2019-20 ‘Crystal Getaways’

Crystal Cruises (logo)Crystal Cruises has unveiled a collection of 16 new “Crystal Getaways” for 2019 and 2020.

Sailing aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity and spanning Central America, North America’s Pacific and Gulf coasts, Southeast Asia, China & Japan, the Mediterranean and Caribbean, the five- to eight-night voyages pack tremendous global exploration and all-inclusive luxury into abbreviated versions of longer itineraries.

The newly-announced Crystal Getaways include:


Crystal Symphony, September 28, five nights in Los Angeles and Mexico
Crystal Symphony, October 3, eight nights from Mexico to Costa Rica
Crystal Serenity, October 23, five nights in Greece and Italy
Crystal Symphony, October 25, six nights along the Gulf Coast and Caribbean
Crystal Serenity, October 28, eight nights in Italy, Monaco, France and Spain
Crystal Symphony, October 31, eight nights through the Caribbean
Crystal Serenity, November 24, six nights in the Caribbean
Crystal Serenity, November 30, six nights in the Caribbean
Crystal Symphony, December 11, five nights in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Mexico
Crystal Symphony, December 16, five nights in Mexico and San Diego


Crystal Symphony, March 1, eight nights in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
Crystal Symphony, March 9, seven nights in Vietnam and Hong Kong
Crystal Symphony, March 16, seven nights in Taiwan and Japan
Crystal Symphony, March 23, eight nights in Japan and China
Crystal Symphony, March 31, five nights in Hong Kong and Vietnam
Crystal Symphony, April 5, eight nights in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore

Fares for the new Crystal Getaways begin at $1,290 per guest and are now available for booking.

(Crystal Cruises)

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