Knud E. Hansen announces a new partnership with Danish-based Design Studio B33

The team at Design Studio B33 is comprised of internationally-acclaimed designers with a focus on timeless designs grounded in Scandinavian aesthetics. KNUD E. HANSEN employs a team of highly-skilled naval architects, marine engineers and interior designers with a staff of more than 90, spread over offices throughout Europe, Australia and North America.

The partnership will enable KNUD E. HANSEN to harness the latest design trends and incorporate a fresh approach to interior ship design.

The interior design experience of Design Studio B33, combined with the vast naval architecture and engineering capabilities of KNUD E. HANSEN, will result in a superior layout of passenger and crew areas. The utilization of materials and furnishings of superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge design will push the boundaries of aesthetics and produce an unparalleled spatial experience.

Design Studio B33 is a flexible design hub that includes furniture and product designers, interior designers, as well as landscape architects.

Some of the renowned architects and designers include:

 Hee Welling
 Oivind Slaatto
 Steffen Juul
 Gudmundur Ludvik  Laura Parsons
 Mario Martinez
 Karin Lund
 Rikke Hagen

On behalf of Design Studio B33, product designer Rikke Hagen states: “Our designs are intended to push boundaries, but with a consciousness towards meetings people’s needs and understanding the balance needed to maintain high efficiency and service. We acknowledge that ship design is a new territory for us, but that allows us to bring fresh ideas to the table and rethink the way interior spaces are designed on board today’s ships.”

Head of Exterior and Interior Design at KNUD E. HANSEN, Francesca Arini states: “We strive to nourish our legacy of cutting-edge ship design through aesthetic and technological innovation. In an environmentally conscious, growing global market, we need to take a closer look at how interior design meets the demands of modern passengers.”

Since its founding in 1937, KNUD E. HANSEN has solidified its place in maritime history, having set a high standard in classical, contemporary and modern ship design. More than 750 vessels have been built to designs developed by KNUD E. HANSEN as well as over 300 vessel conversion projects. Vessels built to KNUD E. HANSEN designs are found in every corner of the globe, operating in all types of harsh environments.

As with existing KNUD E. HANSEN designs, the collaboration with Design Studio B33 will continue to ensure a vessel design that adheres to the highest standards of safety and efficiency with minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, designs shall comply with the relevant classification society, flag authority and regulations set forth by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


KNUD E. HANSEN is one of the world’s leading independent marine consultancies with more than 80 years of experience in ship & yacht design, with a proven track record in providing unique and cutting- edge solutions to the maritime industry. KNUD E. HANSEN employs more than 90 naval architects and marine engineers in Denmark, Australia, Canada, the Faroe Islands Greece, Spain, United Kingdom and USA.

(Knud E. Hansen)


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