Windstar Cruises selects NAPA for stability management to maximize fleet safety

Windstar Cruises (logo)NAPA, the leading maritime software, services and data analysis provider and Windstar Cruises, the market leader in small ship cruising, today announced that NAPA’s Loading Computer has been installed across its entire fleet.

Windstar’s unique fleet includes not only three small, boutique cruise vessels Star Breeze, Star Legend, and Star Pride, but unique sailing cruise ships such as the 4-masted Wind Spirit and Wind Star, and the 5-masted flagship Wind Surf.

The NAPA Loading Computer is the world’s most trusted stability solution for passenger vessels. It undertakes a wide range of calculations related to hydrostatics, intact stability, and ship longitudinal strength to optimise vessel load while minimising stress and safety risk. The system is installed onboard more than 2,000 ships across the global commercial and passenger fleets.

Christopher Prelog, Vice President of Fleet Operations at Windstar Cruises, commented, “For Windstar, there’s nothing more important than the safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew. NAPA’s track record and stability expertise is second to none, and it’s why we’ve chosen to work with them to optimise our stability management.”

Christopher Prelog continued, “During our due diligence we were particularly impressed with the accuracy of NAPA’s 3D calculation engine, decision support capabilities, and comprehensive support, training and life-cycle services.”

Wind Star and Wind Spirit were retrofitted with NAPA Loading Computer and the installations on Star Pride, Star Breeze, Star Legend and Wind Surf were all upgraded recently. Windstar and NAPA have also signed a service agreement that will cover technical support and future life-cycle services to ensure trouble free operation. NAPA has also provided onboard training services, and its Stability eLearning course to Windstar.

Mikko Forss, Americas Sales Director for NAPA, commented, “Windstar takes its travellers on personalised cruises that are immersive experiences, 180 degrees from ordinary. We at NAPA are proud to support Windstar’s safe operations with our extensive experience on passenger ship stability management solutions and expert services.”

(Windstar Cruises, Napa)


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