Cruising season 2019-2020 13 million passengers at Italian ports in 2020

Cruise activity in Italy 2000 - 2020 (Source: Sergio Senesi - Cemar Agency Network - April 2019)Cruises in Italy are starting to grow again, finally aligning with the international trend. This is the message of Sergio Senesi, President of Cemar Agency Network in Genoa, who presented – in the context of the current Seatrade Cruise Global at Miami – the 2019 and 2020 forecasts for the cruise sector at Italian ports yesterday afternoon, April 7th, 2019.

“Cruises are again growing strongly In Italy. This is indicated by the forecasts for 2019, with + 7.13% in terms of passenger handling” – declared Sergio Senesi“But the 2020 forecasts indicate this most of all with an additional + 7.88%. I believe that such a positive result is mainly due to the new units that are becoming part of all the most important fleets of cruising ship.”

Cemar Agency Network expects that at the end of 2019, 11,911,000 passengers will be handled at Italian ports (+ 7.13% compared to 2018). The calls of ships will reach 4,860 units, whilst 149 ships will transit in Italian waters representing 46 shipping companies.

The first estimates for 2020 are very positive. A further significant growth is estimated in this sector, which will touch 13,000,000 passengers handled (+ 7.88% compared to 2019).

In 2019 70 Italian ports will be involved in cruise traffic. The predominance of Civitavecchia will continue, with 2,567,000 passenger handling (+ 5.13% compared to 2018). Venice will follow with 1,544,000 passengers (-1.06%) and Genoa in the third place with an excellent result of 1,343,000 passengers (+ 32.79%).

It will then be the turn of Naples with 1,187,000 (+ 20.35%), Livorno with 812,000 (+ 3.29%). The ranking of the top 10 Italian ports closes with Savona, Bari, La Spezia, Palermo and Messina.

Among the Companies that will handle the largest number of passengers in Italian ports in 2019, the podium is occupied by MSC Cruises (3,622,000 pax), Costa Crociere (2,725,000 pax) and Norwegian Cruise Line (863,000 pax). The number of passengers handled is calculated on the number of lower beds (double cabin).

Sergio Senesi has also announced the ranking of the Cruising Groups, again with reference to the forecast of passengers handled at Italian ports and the subdivision of the passengers and calls forecasted for each individual region.

Liguria is confirmed as first classified, as well as being the region where 83% of the agencies that manage ships’ calls at all Italian ports are concentrated.

The busiest months will be October (1,744,000 passengers and 781 calls), June (1,505,000 passengers and 614 calls), September (1,497,000 passengers and 627 calls) and May (1,488,000 passengers and 687 calls) whereas obviously the winter months will be see the least traffic; February (166,000 passengers and 59 calls) and January with 193,000 passengers and 60 calls). The busiest day will be 11 October with over 73,000 passengers handled in a single day.

“The positive forecasts for the two-year period 2019-2020 must not lead us to lower our guard. Italy is in fact the first cruise destination in the Mediterranean, and thanks to the upcoming new ships being delivered during these two years, increasingly more “green” ships, there will be further space for growth.
The Venice unknown remains, which to date has not been resolved and which creates strong doubts about future planning for the entire Adriatic Sea”
, concluded Sergio Senesi.

CEMAR AGENCY NETWORK CRUSING DIVISION is active in this field for over 35 years. Established as a company dedicated to the assistance of large yachts, Cemar today is specialized in assistance to cruise ships and represents some of the main shipping companies in the world in Italy.

(Cemar Agency Network)


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