Victoria Cruise Lines Offers ‘Return to the Three Gorges’ Live-Action Performance as Optional Excursion in Fengjie

Pioneer of luxury river cruising on China’s Yangtze River, Victoria Cruise Lines has launched a new optional excursion to experience the acclaimed “Return to the Three Gorges” live-action performance and hi-tech spectacle.

Focused on landscapes and the environment, the epic tale directed by world-renowned, award-winning director Zhang Yimou, brilliantly presents scenes from popular Chinese poems with imaginative choreography and astounding hi-tech projections all set on an impressive river stage.

“It’s an outdoor performance with The Three Gorges as its backdrop presented on a river stage with remarkable effects and choreography. The show is truly one-of-a-kind and something our passengers will never forget,” said Larry Greenman, manager of public relations and customer service for Victoria Cruise Lines.

The excursion is priced from $49 per passenger. Guests can also purchase a combo package that includes a tour of White Emperor City and the show for $73 per passenger. Pricing may fluctuate based on currency exchange rates. Passengers who do not purchase the optional excursion may remain onboard for various shipboard activities.

The unique “Return to the Three Gorges” show will be operating as an optional excursion on the evening of fourth day of the cruise near scenic Qutang Gorge for passengers departing Yichang on the upstream five-day Three Gorges Highlights itinerary.

Passengers departing Chongqing on the four-day Three Gorges Highlights downstream itinerary can opt for the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” live-action musical and acrobatic performance, presented in an outdoor setting on Three Gorges Harbour in Zhongxian.

(Victoria Cruise Lines)


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