City cruises, reinvented by A-ROSA: New entertainment concept and E-Motion ship to bring all the amenities of a hotel to river cruising

A-Rosa Cruises' E-Motion ship (Artist impression, May 2019)A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH has launched its 2020 catalogue and its new entertainment concept for the 2020 season at a live-streamed press conference in Hamburg. The new catalogue is now available from travel agents.

Jörg Eichler, managing director and partner of A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH, said, “Themed cruises are very popular with our customers, as our extremely successful gourmet, cycling and family cruises demonstrate. That’s why we decided to introduce an as yet unprecedented variety of themed cruises in the off-season that provide first-rate entertainment.” New additions include murder mystery cruises, improv cruises and secret event tours.

The cruise company is also focusing on providing excellent onboard entertainment all year round. Every cruise lasting seven nights or more will feature at least one high-quality performer on board. In addition, A-ROSA is set to unveil an absolute first in the cruise industry: a singer-songwriter contest that will run on board throughout the entire 2020 season.

Specially selected newcomers will give two evening concerts on all seven-night Danube and Rhine cruises. These talented young musicians will remain on board for the whole cruise, allowing guests to get to know them and follow their careers afterwards. The audiences will then vote for their favourite performers. A grand finale in autumn 2020 will see the winners of the monthly heats compete for the title of ‘A-ROSA Showtime Talent of the Year’.

“We’re passionate about promoting young artists and having high-quality talent perform on board our ships,” explained Jörg Eichler. “So, as well as holding the singer-songwriter contest, we’ll also be sponsoring the International Music Awards.”

The press conference also showcased the first images of the E-Motion Ship, which is planned for 2021.

With its E-Motion ship, A-ROSA is set to launch a City Cruiser in 2021 that combines the benefits of a designer hotel with those of a cruise. What is more, this innovative vessel is leading the way in sustainable cruising thanks to its battery-powered drive and air-bubble technology.

With a width of 17.7 metres and a fourth deck, the ship is presented as extremely spacious. All cabins are generously sized and feature a balcony, and there is a dedicated family area and an extensive sun deck with separate adults’ and children’s pools. The cabins and suites feature a very modern yet timeless design.

“The interior design of our new ship for 2021 is unique. We‘re bringing both the amenities and the modern look of a designer hotel to the water,” said Jörg Eichler. “In fact, you could almost say it’s more a hotel than a ship – but one that also offers the advantages and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences of a cruise. Our customers appreciate the fact that they can enjoy many kinds of holiday rolled into in one with us. A city break, a package holiday, a cruise that takes in natural and cultural sites, a spa break – with A-ROSA, they don’t have to choose just one. They can have them all. We apply our popular Premium all inclusive concept to the type of holiday, too,” said Eichler.

(A-Rosa Cruises)


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