Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise Ships

Disney Magic arriving at New York Disney Magic arriving at New York with Manhattan in the background (Courtesy Disney Cruise Line)The Disney Cruise Line is different from other cruise lines in so many ways. It could be the family-friendly staterooms or the Disney themed restaurants. If you are looking for a perfect four-day voyage getaway, then the four Disney Ships are what you need. They offer elegant and high-end services that will keep both the adults and the kids entertained.

The ships leave Port Canaveral and cross the Caribbean. If you are looking to board the cruise line then here is all the information that you need to know. Yes, and betting on a resorts online casino in one of these Disney cruise ships can make it even more interesting.

So, what are the top Disney cruise ships that you need to know about? Here is a look.

#1. The Vessels
There are four Disney cruise ships; Disney Dream, Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, and Disney Fantasy. Each vessel has its package which you can choose depending on which one fancies you. The Disney Magic is the original cruise ship which features a classic look and touch of modernization. If you board the vessel, you should prepare for a mandatory 30-minute drill. Therefore if you have small children, you need to keep them close.

# 2. The staterooms
All the Disney Ships have staterooms. Although the prices are different for each of them. For instance, a three-day voyage on the Disney Dream will cost about $600. The staterooms are a bit small, but they are classy. If you are looking to upgrade to a room with a balcony, then you have to pay extra. However, if you are on a budget, then you can board the cruise line during Winter. The prices are a bit lower than during peak seasons.

#3. Entertainment
The Disney Cruise Line offers onboard entertainment for both kids and adults. One of Disney favorites is:- Frozen the story of Elsa and Anna, the Golden Mickey’s and an Enchanted Classic. There are also viewings of films such as Star Wars and Marvel.

#4. Onboard Activities
You will never lack anything to do on a Disney Cruise. It offers activities for adults, teens, and kids. If you are looking for an action-packed day, then head over to the pool deck and lobby levels. You can meet some of your favorite Disney characters such as Elsa and Anna, Mickey Mouse, Sofia and Jake, and so many more. The cruise line plays Disney movies throughout the day. At night there are deck parties and theme parties such as Pirate Night.
Adults can enjoy some private moments in separate decks from the kids. There are bars and restaurants. However, for an extra fee, you can enjoy a spa treatment.

#5. Endless Shows
The cruise line releases several movies in a day. They can either be Broadway or in the form of film. Each night the theatre plays an original Disney movie such as Villain Tonight and The Golden Mickey.

Which one is your first choice here?

(Disney Cruise Line)


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