“Shopping Queen” on AIDAnova: Want to go shopping in the Mediterranean? Apply now!

Second round for the format “Shopping Queen” on AIDA: Four candidates are sought to go on a shopping cruise in the sunny south. The shoot will be from September, 21 till September 28, on AIDAnova in the Mediterranean. Application starts now.

The cruise liner AIDAnova is travelling this season to the hottest fashion metropolises on the Mediterranean – from Palma de Mallorca to Rome, Florence and Marseille to Barcelona. And the most beautiful shopping arcade on the world’s oceans travels with you.

It extends on board to over 1,000 square metres and offers an attractive selection of jewellery, watches, perfumes, cosmetics, fashion, accessories, decorative and gift articles and of course the AIDA world.

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and is interested in a special fashion adventure can now apply to Constantin Entertainment as a candidate under the following link: www.constantin-casting.de/shoppingqueenaufhohersee.
The program will be aired on VOX in early 2020.

(AIDA Cruises)


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