Ege Port Kuşadası is the world’s first cruise port to receive Ecoports certificate

Ege Port Kusadasi, Turkey  (GPH)Ege Port Kuşadası has become the first cruise port in the world to be granted the Ecoports Port Environmental Review Systems (PERS) certificate.

Ecoports PERS is the only port sector specific environmental management standard. The standard requires, amongst others, that the port presents an overview of major environmental issues that shows the environmental impact of the port operations and connected with this, to present the legal requirements that are aimed to reduce this impact. It also requires that the port has trained personnel and budgets to be able to realize this improvement, to use performance indicators to measure results and to demonstrate the results. Certification is awarded after a successful audit by the independent auditor Lloyd’s Register, Netherlands.

Operated by the world’s largest cruise port operator Global Ports Holding Plc (GPH), Ege Port Kuşadası received Ecoports PERS accreditation in May 2019, which will be valid for a period of two years.

Emre Sayin, Global Ports Holding CEO, said: “GPH recognises the improvements that cruise ports can make to become more sustainable. As the world’s largest cruise port operator we are keen to play our part. We are delighted that Ege Port Kuşadası has been recognised in this way and we look forward to applying this environmental best practice to the other cruise ports we operate worldwide.”

Aziz Güngör, East Med Ports Regional Director at Global Ports Holding, said: “Ege Port Kuşadası is proud to be the first cruise port to meet the criteria of PERS certification, which is testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff to meet the criteria. We are located in a picturesque region of Turkey and our efforts in environmental care and sustainability will allow many more cruise passengers to experience its wonderful natural beauty.”

Herman Journée, Chairman of ECO Sustainable Logistics Chain Foundation, ECOSLC, emphasizes the importance that Ege Port Kuşadası has become a part of the network of the internationally operating Ecoports Certified ports for sharing environmental daily practice experience, and contributes in this way to the sustainability of the port sector.

Dr Christopher Wooldridge, Science Coordinator, EcoPorts & Senior Trainer, EcoSLC said: “We are pleased that Ege Port Kuşadası has become the first cruise port to meet the environmental criteria of PERS. Sustainability and environmental issues are growing concerns for the industry and we look forward to working with other cruise ports around the world to meet this standard.”

(Global Ports Holding)


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