‘Iconic’ Greenock Cruise Visitor Centre Plans Approved

Plans were approved on April 3 for a new dedicated cruise berth, visitor centre, restaurant and gallery at Greenock Ocean Terminal. As part of the outline business case, it is estimated that over 150,000 passengers could pass through Greenock Ocean Terminal delivering £26m (€29.53m) in annual visitor and crew spend to the Scottish economy.

The overall project is part of the Glasgow City Region City Deal and aims to provide a new dedicated cruise berthing facility and visitor centre to boost cruiseship passengers welcomed to Scotland through the Greenock facility operated by Peel Ports.

Peel Ports port director, Andrew Hemphill, said: “The confirmation of City Deal funding comes as the terminal celebrates its 50th birthday. This overall investment is crucial to the remarkable growth of cruise traffic to Greenock, allowing us to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for passengers.

“Year on year, we are building a major cruise business on the Clyde and, thanks to the success of Greenock Ocean Terminal, more people than ever are taking a cruise to Scotland.

“Who, 50 years ago, would have anticipated the level of success we’ve had in bringing the world’s biggest container and cruiseships to Greenock?

Now we are about to expand our capability further to attract thousands more visitors every year with the new development, up to 150,000 cruise passengers annually. It’s fantastic news for Inverclyde and for Scotland.

“As a key City Deal project, the new visitor centre at Greenock Ocean Terminal aims to make a significant contribution to economic growth and international tourism across the wider city region area.”

The proposal for a new Wyllie Gallery showcasing the life and work of the Inverclyde resident and artist (1921-2012) will also stage important exhibitions and events celebrating contemporary artists from across Scotland and further afield.

Wyllie’s elder daughter, Louise Wyllie, said: “It has always been an ambition of The George Wyllie Foundation to celebrate and mark my father’s life and work in Inverclyde; an area which he loved and which was the lifeblood of all his art works. Although making and creating art – be it music, plays or sculpture – was always a big part of his life, my father worked as a customs & excise officer for many years in this very spot.”

The Greenock Ocean Terminal project to create a visitor centre and berthing facility is expected to cost £14.7m (€16.7m)

The proposal for a new visitor centre landmark building for Greenock is being developed by Richard Murphy Architects. The company has won 22 RIBA Awards.

The dedicated cruise berth and visitor centre is scheduled for completion in 2020.

(Cruise Europe, Cruise Glasgow – Greenock Ocean Terminal)


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