Windstar Cruises Presents ‘Star Grill by Steven Raichlen’

Windstar Cruises (logo)Windstar Cruises continues to perfect its culinary program with the announcement of a new modern, casual outdoor restaurant in partnership with global grilling authority Steven Raichlen.

Star Grill by Steven Raichlen, currently in development, will be a modern, casual, alfresco restaurant that serves up grilled, smoked and rotisserie specialties, including seafood, meats and vegetables cooked with global flavors and techniques, alongside craft side dishes and sauces.

Windstar’s alliance with Steven Raichlen was born from a desire to create a modern, yet casual outdoor eatery, bespoke of Windstar’s “180 degrees from ordinary” tagline, an inviting escape where guests will enjoy inventive, modern cuisine, while embracing the alfresco ambiance and casually intimate experiences of small ship dining after a busy day discovering distant ports of call.

Star Grill by Steven Raichlen will first debut on Windstar’s award-winning small ship Star Breeze in February 2020 and then on her sister ships Star Legend in July 2020 and Star Pride in November 2020, all part of the line’s $250 Million Star Plus Initiative.

Windstar’s culinary team and Steven Raichlen have been working in collaboration to develop the ideal al fresco dining experience, crafting food and beverage menus that will be one-of-a-kind in the cruise and restaurant industries. In 2020, Windstar cruise guests will have the opportunity to taste firsthand where Raichlen’s fascination with global grilling takes him and Windstar guests.

Steven Raichlen explains, “I’ve spent my life traveling the world’s barbecue trail to bring my readers and viewers the ultimate in global grilling. What better way to share my discoveries than on a Windstar cruise ship bound for new adventures.”

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