Le Cesarine And Costa Cruises: A Partnership In The Name Of Italian Excellence

Costa Cruises (Logo)The sea and good food: two sources of Italian excellence that have always been part of Italy’s DNA, making the Country famous all over the world. Costa Cruises and Le Cesarine, ambassadors of Italian tradition and style, have signed a strategic, original partnership just in the name of excellence both at the table and at sea.

Now, Costa guests cruising on itineraries calling at Civitavecchia/Rome – there will be over a hundred calls at the port of Rome from August 2019 to the end of summer 2020 – can make a booking onboard the ship for an “ad hoc” private excursion in Rome that includes the experience of Le Cesarine.

In this way, guests will be able to add an additional leg to their journey for the sake of good food during their vacation with Costa Cruises. In particular, the experience with Le Cesarine will include different local seasonal recipes and wines.

The synergy between Le Cesarine and Costa Cruises stems from shared values, such as highlighting the national culinary heritage, the exaltation of “Italianness” in all its forms, and the commitment of Costa to offer its guests “like a local” experiences.

Thanks to the extensive network of Le Cesarine, which includes over 700 hosts in 120 Italian cities, it is possible to discover Italy’s geography by enjoying the specialties from North to South that characterize Italy’s rich culinary heritage.

Mario Alovisi, Vice President of Revenue Management, Itinerary & Transportation for Costa Cruises, said the following about the agreement: “Costa Cruises has always been synonymous with good food, especially good traditional Italian food. Our food experience is always original, creative and connected to many regional Italian specialties, as evidenced by our partnerships with some of the best Italian companies in the sector. We are excited to announce the new partnership with Le Cesarine: it is a great chance to further expand our offer, and we hope in the future to be able to extend this partnership to other Italian ports as well”.

About Le Cesarine
Le Cesarine is a cultural and gastronomic association founded in Bologna in 2004, with the aim of passing on the Italian culinary tradition while rediscovering and safeguarding family recipes. Since 2014 the Association has been supported by Start Up Home Food srl, becoming the first national network of domestic cooks distributed throughout the Italian territory.

Men and women encouraged by a strong passion for the culinary traditions of their area, as well as a desire to share and teach the typical local recipes passed down in their families, welcome gourmands and food aficionados from all over the world for lunches, dinners, and cooking classes. Since July 2019, Le Cesarine has been one of the “Slow Food” Communities.

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