Pandaw Sails the Ganges: inaugural voyage on the “Kindat”

The Lower Ganges Inaugural Voyage

Pandaw passengers enjoy the inaugural voyage on the “Kindat” sailing out of Kolkata and sailing up the Hooghly or Lower Ganges.

Feedback has been great, particularly on the high culinary levels and fascinating expeditions ashore into the lush Bengali countryside studded with temples, palaces and delightful artisan villages.

There can be no river in the world as sacred as the Ganges and an expedition on the Lower Ganges or Hooghly is one of the prettiest river journeys imaginable. The river wends its way through the lush countryside of West Bengal with its culturally significant towns crammed with temples and palaces. A rich and vibrant rural life abounds and there is never a dull moment as we sedately ply this pleasant waterway.

A decade ago, for the first time since colonial times, Pandaw pioneered river expeditions in India. Since then we have depended on modern style and often impractically designed partnerships. We are now able to offer an original Pandaw ship, vastly more suited to river expeditions in the tropics and far more comfortable too.

There can be no better vessels to explore this rich tapestry than on a stately Pandaw vessel, currently the Pandaw fleet having seen service now in four countries. With staterooms offering, guest personal verandah space and indoor dining.

7 NIGHTS FROM US$1,701.00 – MEMBERS FROM US$1,512.00

Next month is another inaugural – the KATHA will ply fourteen nights Kolkata to Varanasi.

(Pandaw Cruises)


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