Princess Cruises today announced new theatrical experience with the debut of 5-SKIES onboard Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess

Technical Extravaganza and Mind-Blowing Theatrics to Debut in New Video Game-Themed 5-SKIES Production Show Onboard Sky Princess & Enchanted PrincessPrincess Cruises today announced yet another new theatrical experience with the debut of 5-SKIES onboard Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess.

This technologically enhanced production show features a virtual gaming world, spectacular digital effects and acrobatics, intricate sets and contemporary music for one of the cruise line’s most visually advanced shows ever.

Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess guests enter the greatest virtual reality game of all-time with main character “Gamer 1” attempting to complete a series of five increasingly difficult levels, meeting different personalities along the way in an attempt to reach the highest level where the Sky Princess character resides.

Performed in cadence with a contemporary song list, 5-SKIES is set amongst digital effects, spectacular acrobatics, dazzling costume designs and complex backdrops.

“Our team of creators and collaborators have once again pushed the boundaries of theatrical entertainment design at sea and 5-SKIES will take our guests on a musical journey through a digital universe of spectacle, sight and sound,” said Denise Saviss, Princess Cruises vice president of entertainment experience. “Our dedicated team is passionate about connecting new experiences to our guests and with the advance of technology and spectacular visual effects, 5-SKIES will surely wow our audiences.”

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