AECO’s Arctic Cruise Conference donates, Thanks to Silversea Cruises, to Tara Ocean Foundation

AECO (Logo)Representatives from the expedition cruise industry, Arctic stakeholders, authorities and researchers gathered in Oslo this week for AECO’s Arctic Cruise Conference. In addition to the conference and side meetings, attendants were invited to be part of AECO’s traditional Annual Dinner, which took place October 16.

For the second year in a row, AECO’s Annual Dinner is sponsored by Silversea Cruises, which offers intimate luxury cruising to the polar regions and other destinations. This year, Silversea Cruises took the initiative to convert the dinner to a fundraiser in support of environmental stewardship in the Arctic.

Silversea covered the entire cost of the dinner and suggested the participants make a donation to the Tara Ocean Foundation, which resulted in a contribution of NOK 22 000 (USD 2500).Tara Ocean Foundation organizes voyages to study and understand the impact of climate change and the ecological crisis facing the world’s oceans.

According to AECO’s Executive Director Frigg Jørgensen, the association’s members are passionate about protecting the Arctic regions that they visit.

“We are grateful for this generous sponsorship of Silversea Cruises. They suggested using the occasion to raising funds for an environmental cause, which we think was an excellent idea. We would like to thank every participant for their donation to Tara Ocean Foundation,” says Jørgensen.



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