Antarctica21 Takes Delivery of New Ship, the “Magellan Explorer”

The Magellan Explorer (Credit: Claudio Bobadilla - Antarctica21)The vessel has completed the sea trials successfully. Tests reviewed all the ship’s components, including the main and auxiliary engines, bow and stern thrusters, the auto-pilot unit and all bridge equipment, the fire-detection systems, lifeboats and their deployment systems, stabilizers and much, much more.

Final preparations for sailing south are now under way. The vessel is leaving Valdivia today arriving in Punta Arenas on November 1. Once in Punta Arenas, provisions and other supplies will be loaded and a series of additional staff training sessions will take place.

On November 8, 2019 there will be a formal Christening ceremony. After that the vessel will operate three different short shakedown cruises between Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams. On November 28 the inaugural voyage will depart Punta Arenas for Antarctica, via Ushuaia and Cape Horn.



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