Scenic Eclipse reveals first underwater glimpses

Scenic Eclipse – Submarine – Witness underwater worlds

Scenic Eclipse has revealed a first look at its exclusive Scenic Neptune submarine as it dives below the clear aquamarine Caribbean waters, during its inaugural season captained by pilot Remy Izendooren.

The images capture the intensity and breath-taking beauty of diving up to 300 metres below the ocean, and shows guests on board during their deep-sea adventure on the custom built U-Boat Worx Cruise Submarine.

From sunken wrecks, marine and biological reserves to a sea floor teeming with life in Antarctic, Scenic Neptune will provide guests an unforgettable experience as the craft journeys through the ocean’s depths. 

Scenic Neptune adventures on offer in 2020 are available on the following itineraries*

Antarctica In Depth
16 Days – Buenos Aires > Buenos Aires
Departs Various Dates in February, March 2020
Priced from £12,475pp
Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands
23 Days – Buenos Aires > Buenos Aires
Departs Various Dates in February, March 2020
Priced from £17,955pp

For seamless visibility, Scenic Neptune’s acrylic spheres are constructed from a material which has the same refraction index as seawater, which means the barrier visually disappears underwater, providing an open and spacious feeling.
Scenic Neptune has internal climate control as well as a surround sound audio system, for the most enjoyable dive. The craft is specially commissioned to meet international design standards, offering unmatched comfort with maximum legroom and headroom, without compromising on style. 
Getting in and out of the submarine has been made easy through a convenient deck and optimum human engineering, such as ergonomically designed handles. Once inside, guests seat themselves in one of the two three-person pods, one each at the front and back, and enjoy spectacular views of their complete surrounding from chairs that are mounted on a 280-degree swivelling platform. The craft is also fitted with strong exterior lights that will allow guests to take in every last detail of the underwater sights.

*Activities are subject to weather conditions, permit approvals and guest weight restrictions, incur additional costs and subject to availability depending on demand.  

Remy Izendooren, Submarine Pilot, Scenic Eclipse

With a passion for adventure and discovery, Remy Izendooren has worked on 62-passenger ship and charter yachts, visiting the Seychelles, Adriatic Sea, Greenland, Greece, Malta, Côte d’Azur, Antarctica and Chile.

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