AIDA Entertainment Specials in 2020

AIDAdiva @ Curaçao (Photo courtesy AIDA Cruises)Every day, AIDA Cruises offers exclusive and surprisingly different entertainment on over 40 stages on board the entire fleet.

Next year, lots of creative new shows, beloved Entertainment formats such as “The Voice of the Ocean” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” along with a wide range of expert and celebrity specials from the AIDA+ program awaits guests.

AIDA Gourmet Specials offer culinary experiences seasoned with a large portion of entertainment. Together with gourmet godfather Tim Mälzer, AIDA is looking for chef novices who will be privy to the secrets of the culinary arts as part of a TV production.

AIDA guests also experience Tim Mälzer in the popular Prime Time Show in the theatrium on AIDAnova. On the “AIDA pur” cruise from Dubai to Majorca in April, chef de cuisine Franz Schned will create culinary highlights for guests. Further gourmet specials with TV celebrity and starred chef Stefan Marquard, sommelier Gunnar Tietz, TV chef Felicitas Then and world champion pâtissier Andrea Schirmaier-Huber are planned.

The event program “Celebrities Read” offers thrilling entertainment with bestselling authors and actors, featuring bestselling author Hera Lind, Carsten Schütte, author and director of the Operative Case Analysis department at the State Office of Criminal Investigations in Lower Saxony, the award-winning crime author and screenwriter Elisabeth Herrmann, the most-read German crime writer Arno Strobel, and actor Sigmar Solbach.

At the AIDA Crime-Story Factory, guests can pick up their own pens and write a book with bestselling author and personality coach Viola Möbius.

With the AIDA sport specials, guests benefit from professional athletes’ training programs and get to know some of Germany’s most successful athletes at lectures, personal training sessions and workshops. Coming on board in 2020: the world champion and Olympic winner in wrestling, Alexander Leipold, the pro beach volleyball player and world champion Julius Brink, and Dr. Pedro Gonzalez, coach of world champions and Olympic medalists.

For the fun event series “AIDA Dances,” the “Let’s Dance” stars Renata and Valentin Lusin are joining guests on board AIDAluna next year. On the cruise from Kiel to New York in September, the two dancing pros will show what they can do in a variety of dance workshops and shows. AIDA guests can present their newly learned dance moves on the big gala evening.

A new show concept is introduced on the ships of the Selection fleet, with different formats from modern choreographies to multimedia effects paired with dance and illusion. The entertainment manager’s popular Prime Time Show will be part of it.

Guests can also enjoy well-known AIDA show classics, and for the first time also celebrate living room concerts with the most popular rock anthems from the 80s and 90s or get to know the AIDA artists of the show “AIDA Stars” in person.

AIDAnova is the first cruise ship in the fleet to offer an exclusive onboard 24h TV station. On “Prime Time One,” all important information for a guest’s vacation day is announced. The morning show and service ticker top off the program. The station will broadcast throughout the fleet next year.

(AIDA Cruises)


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