Travel Insurance Company vs. Cruise Line: Why Shopping Around Is The Better Choice

With the kick off of the Cruise Wave Season this month, the time when cruise companies offer the best deals on cruises, urges travelers to purchase travel insurance early to protect their investments and ensure they’re covered in the event of travel mishaps.

Travel insurance can cover issues that occur both prior to embarkation or during a cruise, wreaking havoc on what is meant to be a dream adventure. What many cruise travelers may not know is that they have options when it comes to travel insurance, and that by comparing plans, they can secure the best protection for their situation, at the best price.

“Cruises can be a great option for travelers, however they can present unique issues when it comes to travel mishaps, as a missed connection or delayed flight can put an entire trip into peril,” said Stan Sandberg, co-founder of

“Travel insurance is an affordable way to protect yourself if something unexpected does arise. Taking the time to find the right options, specific to your circumstances, is important. We highly recommend travelers shop around for the right coverage for their needs.”

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