“Seems Like Smooth Sailing”: New Memoir Throws Readers into Deep End of Truth About Life on a Cruise Ship…

Seems Like Smooth Sailing: New Memoir Throws Readers into Deep End of Truth About Life on a Cruise Ship…Having spent four years working on and off cruise ships for some of the largest companies in the world, Sam Catling has seen it all. And if by chance he hasn’t seen it, then another crew member has definitely told him about it.

It’s a collective set of stories and experiences so funny, so shocking that they had to be compiled into a book. And hence, ‘Seems Like Smooth Sailing’ hits the literary waters.

No life jacket required, because Catling’s adventures will have anyone treading water to get to the last page!


Sam Catling has written this coming of age, just flown the nest, tell all comedy memoir about the ups and downs of working on-board a cruise ship as an entertainer. If you have doubts about going on a cruise, then this book might encourage you.

If you have ambitions to go and work on a cruise, then this book won’t dissuade you…probably.

“This book has it all,” explains the author. “There’s of course lots of drama, but also many moments of personal growth, opportunities to hear stories from others (which are often equally as off-the-wall as mine!) and even some touching moment to put the entire world of cruising and the wider industry into perspective. There’s nothing else like it on the market.”

Continuing, “I ultimately want readers to enjoy themselves and feel like they’re walking in my shoes as they wade through the stories and anecdotes. It also makes very interesting and useful reading for anyone who wants to get into the hospitality industry. It’s my own warts-and-all story, and I wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world!”

(Sam Catling – Seems Like Smooth Sailing)


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