Adonis adding new features to help companies to fight the risk of virus infections as they prepare to start sailing again

As maritime companies are planning the return to operations Adonis are working in collaboration with the industry to add new functionality to help ensure the health and safety of crew and passengers.

The Adonis Time Clock©, the electronic time and attendance module will be developed to include infra-red facial temperature scanning. The Adonis Time Clock is extensively used onboard vessels with larger crew numbers. It is an integral part of the security check-in/check-out procedures at embarkation and throughout onboard activities. If a person’s body temperature exceeds pre-set levels, operational crew will be alerted and immediate action can be taken to address any potential health issues.

In addition, Adonis are introducing pre-boarding check lists as part of the Adonis Employee Portal©. With this new feature, the company can ask questions such as: “Have there been any Covid-19 cases in your family?” “Have you been in quarantine in the last four weeks?” And so on. Based on the answers given, notifications and warnings can be generated and sent to crew planners and shipboard managers etc. Using the customisable workflows, each company will be able to tailor make the re-boarding processes and check lists to ensure they are in line with their policies and procedures.

“We understand that the pandemic has put severe pressure on the maritime sector to introduce new policies and procedures to restore the confidence of both crew and passengers. That is why the team at Adonis are working hard to introduce new features and functionalities throughout our platform. Helping our customers mitigate the impact Covid-19 has had is our top priority”, says Product Director Erick Meijer.



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