Resco & VONE Teamup to Provide Cruise Thermal Solution

VONE technology and Rescompany have achieved an agreement on cruise system integration to provide solution on cruise thermal screening and monitoring.

VONE technology will work as a techincal intergration service provider to Resco cruise operation and management system in the world wild scope. Under this cooperation, VONE thermail screening system (VCOS TSS) will talk directly with Resco cruise system.

The data collected from VCOS TSS will be intergrated into Resco eConciege, Check-in module and other related modules. The solution allows a non-contact, automatic thermal screening, and provide intellegent data analysis and alreaming.

In the April forum “Cruise Health and Saftey”, a requirement on cruise thermal monitoring is put foward, and it is clear that the temperature of guests and crew must be montiored for the whole process from cruise terminal and the whole voyage. VONE & Resco team up on this to provide a solution to cruise company and shipowner on thermal screening and mornitoring from check-in at cruise terminal, to cruise voyage and even disembar from the cruise. The whole process will ask no more increase in man-power since it can automatically screening and provide monitoring to human temparature.

Resco is the only cruise software vendor to offer all core software solutions for cruise (CRS, CRM & PMS integrated). Currently Resco have installed in over 200 ships around the world. Customers include Dream Cruise, TUI Cruises, Marella Cruises, Aqua Expeditions, Paul Gauguin Cruises, Astro Ocean Internaltial Cruise etc.

(Rescompany, VONE)


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