Thornton Retires After 31 Years At Carnival Cruise Line

Terry Thornton, a highly respected and accomplished professional who played an integral role in Carnival Cruise Line’s growth and success, retired last week after more than three decades of service to the company.

Thornton joined Carnival Cruise Line in 1989 as manager of special projects and held numerous positions across the organization in marketing, itinerary planning and deployment, as well as his most recent role as senior vice president of nautical and port operations.

“The consummate professional with encyclopedic knowledge of every aspect of our operations, Terry quickly earned the respect of everyone who worked with him – from co-workers to port personnel and destination partners. His contributions to our company and industry are immeasurable. We wish him the best, knowing that he should be proud of his tremendous contribution to Carnival, and through our growth, important contributions to thousands of people who have worked for Carnival,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line.

Added Thornton, “When I started in the cruise industry, I never dreamed I would have a career that would span more than four decades with the opportunity to work with so many talented people along the way. It’s been an incredible experience working in this industry and many thanks to everyone who made this journey so fun and memorable.”

(Carnival Cruise Line)


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