The construction of the new “Balears Wharf” will transform the face of the Port of Tarragona

Work on the new “Balears Wharf” is entering a decisive phase and over the next fourteen months it will transform the face of the Port of Tarragona. This new infrastructure will substantially change the area on the Llevant breakwater used for docking cruise ships, as it will be 460 metres long and have an area of 4 hectares.

The total length of the mooring line will be 700 metres as it will be possible to dock on both sides of 240 of those 460 metres. This means that twice the number of vessels will be able to tie up at the same time and also that the world’s largest cruise ships will now be able to call at Tarragona.

The construction of the wharf –at a cost of more than 27 million euros (+ IVA)– began officially last 17 April with the signing of the restatement ceremony. It will take 14 months and has a completion date of mid-2021.

In the future, the new infrastructure could also be opened up to solid bulk and multipurpose terminal services.

(Port of Tarragona, MedCruise)


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