Oceanwide Expeditions to Help a local food bank

Oceanwide Honored to Help Local Foodbanks

Oceanwide is donating all food that won’t keep until the next travel season to Walcheren Food Bank, located in the southwestern Dutch province of Zeeland.

Polar travel can generate a large appetite, so their ships always have to be well-stocked with quality food. But now that tourism is on hold, there’s a far better use for these spare supplies than spoiling in a ship refrigerator.

The current coronavirus situation has even led to unusually high food surpluses on some of their ships. “Because of the outbreak,” said COO Mark van der Hulst, “there was a possibility we’d have to disembark guests much later than usual, so we bought an extra three weeks of food.”

Thankfully, not all of this food became necessary: Hondius was able to return on schedule, and Plancius and Ortelius were only delayed for about a week.

Food surpluses on these ships are currently being considered for donation to Walcheren Food Bank.

“Not that we want to blow our own horn about these donations, but it makes us happy that we’re able to help out in some small way during these difficult times”, added Mark van der Hulst.

(Oceanwide Expeditions)


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