Oceanwide proudly participates in Cleanup for Sarah

FCleanup for Sarah Auffret

In memory of Sarah Auffret, AECO’s environmental agent who tragically passed away March last year, Oceanwide Expeditions took part in an AECO-organized waste removal effort known as Cleanup for Sarah on June 16, her birthday.

Sarah led AECO’s initiatives for Clean Seas, a UNEP campaign that seeks to drastically reduce single-use plastics on Arctic expedition cruise vessels while also enhancing passenger participation in Arctic beach cleanups.

Traditionally, Oceanwide’s beach cleanups in the Arctic have taken the form of yearly waste removal events along the coasts of Spitsbergen, which are supervised by the governor of Svalbard in cooperation with AECO.

Due to the current travel restrictions, however, staff have done their own cleanups in small groups near the main office or individually in other areas around the world.

Read more about Cleanup for Sarah at: https://oceanwide-expeditions.com/blog/oceanwide-removes-local-waste-in-memory-of-sarah-auffret

(Oceanwide Expeditions)


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